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4,5 sterren uit 146 beoordelingen
27 nov 2019 om 23:33 It was so long with delivery - so if you’re hungry don’t accept the food in 45 min. For me it’s take 1:20 hour But food was ok - not super delicious
24 nov 2019 om 11:24 Great sushi! Delivery time was a bit late, but still okay as you can follow the progress via the app :-)
23 nov 2019 om 19:07 Op tijd, lekker en lieve bezorger. Top zoals altijd! Vaste besteladres.
17 nov 2019 om 0:10 Food (sushi’s) are always very good value for money, which is why I keep on ordering there. I am definitely not ordering for the delivery time which was announced as 45 minutes, ending up a 1:30h... Delivery is Not satisfying at all.
16 nov 2019 om 23:02 Quick and fresh
14 nov 2019 om 17:26 Lekkere sushi en hele snelle bezorging, alleen de wasabi en gember waren wat droog
11 nov 2019 om 21:46 excellent sushi.
10 nov 2019 om 15:55 Really good sushi.
8 nov 2019 om 20:00 Heerlijk eten weer. Kipspiesjes nog gloeiend heet bij bezorging.
6 nov 2019 om 22:53 My go-to sushi when I order food. Super fast and always delicious
3 nov 2019 om 4:46 Matig